Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I didn't really feel like writing anything so I though I would just write about my life- which isn't that interesting either.

I really am ready for a break, I can't wait to get a little break from school!! AND deer season is coming up right after thanksgiving, I'm going to skip the first two days of classes after break to go hunting with my boyfriend's family, so that'll be fun!! I'm super excited!

I also just started a new job at Quakertown Vet Clinic. The first night was really stressful...I'm working in the small animal side, and haven't worked in a small animal clinic before, only the animals I learned on in school. I am so used to working with large animals, and I miss the horses! : ( The first night was stressful, and I work again tonight and I'm praying that it will go smoother than the first night. I'm really excited though for it because I'll get to learn lots of new things! It's just so weird because all the antibiotics and stuff are not what I'm used to working with horses, and the veins are so much smaller, and you have to restrain them so much more, and yeah, give me the hugest wildest horse anyday PLEASE. BUT I'm trying to have a positive attitude and hope it goes well.

I'm also excited for the semester to almost be over and get on with a new semester and new classes. Though it doesn't feel like almost christmas! I haven't even though about presents yet, and its too blasted warm outside! It'll be weird hunting in warm weather for deer season, hopefully it cools down some...maybe some snow?! : ]

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where to Roll?!?

So...back to writing about things related to horses since I have veered off from that recently. I thought this subject was interesting because I love how you really can find anything in horse magazines about studies they've done, and they've done one on where horses roll!

In a recent article from Equus, a University in Japan talks about protecting your pasture grass, and making a place for horses to roll. Horses benefit both mentally, and physically from rolling, BUT they can destroy a fair amount of grass when they roll. So...this University decided to see if they could make a place for horses to roll, instead of the nice green patches of grass.

In this study...they first kept four horses in an all-grass paddock and monitored for six hours daily for one week. They observed and wrote down how many times the horses rolled, and for how long. They were then moved to a smaller paddock that had three specially constructed rolling areas; one area was filled with loose local soil, one with sand and one with straw. They were kept there for three weeks, and then they started observing.

They found out that the horses rolled about the same amount, but they did use the designated rolling areas almost every time; they also rolled in the dirt more often than the straw or sand. It also showed that they rolled for shorter times, meaning that maybe the designated rolling areas got the job done better.

Sooo...in conclusion....by having designated rolling areas for horses, it can protect grasses from damage, which means less required supplemental feed and hay.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh this thing called life...

Well...I decided to break it up again, and write about life, instead of the usual horse stuff...I think my last post probably scared some people, talking to much about horses, haha.

Well this past weekend I went to the mountains with my boyfriend...I love going to the mountains : ) since I have been asked to go to the past couple of shows. I'm on the Equestrian Team at Delaware Valley, and it's really starting to bug me, but I'm trying not to get too upset about it, but at least it gives me more time with my boyfriend! We had a lot of fun this weekend...It started off though rough because my boyfriend hauls milk for a job, and we had to load a route before we left to go to the mountains, and I went with him to help him, and then we didnt leave until 12 30 am saturday, and then we got up there at 3ish, and then we didnt go to bed until 4ish, and then we woke up at 6 am, to go hunt turkeys!! It was fun though! His brother and finance were there, and his dad, and there was 7 of us who went hunting, and 3 of us got hens..I was a little dissapointed, I didn't even get a decent shot off of one this weekend, but oh well..We saw soo many though, it was fun!

And then we definitly had way to much fun saturday night with his brother and finance...my boyfriend has this mask that he got to scare people, and yeah lets just say a couple beers later...you get the point... : )

Then we had a good day saturday, even though I was dead, and sunday we hung out and stopped at Bass Pro Shop on the way back...and then that was the end of another weekend.

This week should be pretty easy..no major tests which will be nice! I didn't get asked to go to the show this weekend either, made me upset, but oh well, lifes like that...but Zach and I will probably go hunting again, take the dogs, it'll be fun.

Then I was trying to plan my schedule out, and I realized that since I'm applying next year to vet schools, I need to be done by spring 2011, so I am now going to have to take more classes each semester than I wanted to..anyways...its gonna suckk...

Good weekend. like my classes. life's good.