Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So I got a buck.

Well once again I'm going to veer off my track because I'm so excited about the events of the best couple of days. Ever had something happen that made you just want to smile all day long? Well I finally shot my first deer, and it was a buck.

I went out with my boyfriend's family to their place in the mountains for opening day of rifle season for deer. I got a 7 pt buck which I shot at about 7 am monday morning. We were watching it for about 45 mins but since it was still dark out we couldn't tell if it was legal or not. Finally I saw all the points and I shot it at about 75 yards right in the neck and that baby went down. Let me just say that was the best feeling ever, well one of them.

I had a good thanksgiving and was nice to take a break from school, and realize that the semester's almost done, SUCH a nice feeling..

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