Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing new.

So nothing much new that I have found in my reading that would be worth noting...I'm waiting for next month's magazines to come in the mail : ) haha.

Let's see...what else is new..I went to the mountains this past weekend with my boyfriend and then his parents came up too..that was fun. Saturday it rained..but I got to skin and gut out a doe that my boyfriend's dad killed with muzzleloader..that was fun..I haven't gotten a dear before so he taught me how..I'm hoping this year I'll get one. I always hunt on gamelands so it's hard when you don't have your own this year I actually get to hunt on my boyfriend's family farm in the mountains..and I havent hunted for two years now so I'm super excited!!

Then we went out to eat with his parents at a new bar and restaurant saturday night..that was was an old rustic inn and bar that was restored..very pretty. Oh yeah..might I mention my boyfriend bought a new gun..I think he has almost 20 now..way tooo was a, oh i forget, lol, it was a 50 cal muzzleloader..that can be was pretty cool...

Then sunday we hung out and then went to a festvile in town, but it got rained out so then we left..we looked at the tractors some, since my boyfriend's into pulling. Then I headed back to school and he headed back home to drop my dog off at his house and then there went another weekend. this weekend..super excited since I didn't do well at my last one. It's an Alumni show, that the Alumni team is putting on...

weekends..thats what i live for.


  1. haha my boyfriend has a hiabit of picking up his friends habits. like my friend rob is a firefighter and so now he wants to be one and our fridn tim owns and shoots guns so now ryan wants one. they went shooting the other week and he came back and told me exactly what gun he was getting. Not that I care but his "habits" have a tendency to go to extremes so it's all I hear for a while until another one comes up! but anyway they went shooting the other weekend and I asked if I could go and he said yes it's fine but I can't shoot in the same lane with him bc we always get into arguments when he teaches me things. But really he's not teaching me, my dad has a small arsenol in my house and hunts on a somewhat daily basis. I've never gone hunting with him but I have shot some of his guns and because I'm a girl ryan and tim think that I can't do it! Oh well! I'll just show them different!

  2. HAHA way to go girl!! my boyfriend's pretty cool when it comes to that...just show them you can do it! : )